Students preparing for iPads

I’m very excited to be working with our volunteer student iGuides getting ready for our 1:1 iPad roll out. It’s interesting to see the range of things the students already know and how keen they are to share this. It also confirms that the value of this programme to help ensure a good spread of thorough knowledge through the school. I can see them growing in confidence already.


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Staff getting to grips with social media

Helped run a short session this evening for our staff, demonstrating how to use Twitter, and touching on how Twitter can be useful for busy teachers. Content, resources and ideas can arrive on your doorstep and this is a godsend. I’m constantly amazed at how much terrific and useful educational content is posted and, if we get a sizeable number of staff tuning in to quality feeds I think they will really reap the benefits, and even cascade this to their non-tweeting colleagues. It’s good to be connected. (Didn’t someone else say that?) I think it’s also great that we have a staff team who are prepared to engage with new things so enthusiastically. I’m looking forward to hearing how they get on.