ATI 2012 Cheltenham

Three days with 75 teachers from the UK and farther afield, all getting to grips with their iPads at Cheltenham College. I have learned a lot. Most of it has been unexpected stuff:

  1. How lucky we are to be at such an exciting time in teaching when technology can enable us to move learning beyond the limits we have been constrained by.
  2. SO MANY schools are using or going to be using iPads. Their deployment might vary according to their needs and settings but — iPads are really coming.
  3. BYOD (bring your own device) might be what a lot of secondary schools are doing because it is cost effective. It gives you access to web tools but doesn’t come close to the option of having 1:1 iPad roll outs.
  4. Everyone who I have spoken to is excited about teaching with the iPad, from a head of drama from South Wales to a reception teacher in Liverpool.
  5. No one is concerned about any great iPad take over; iPads are just going to be another tool in the teacher’s kit, to be used when it facilitates what is being taught.
  6. The very best bit about the iPads is that they open up new possibilities. The message is definitely “don’t use your iPad to do old things in new ways but do the things that you could never have done before and, best of all, have fun doing it.
  7. It doesn’t matter that the teacher doesn’t know every detail of the app. Some of the best learning in the classroom is when the students and teachers discover things together. I’ve heard so many anecdotes about this type of thing.

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