Lots to report

Well, after a quick showing to a small group of interested staff a couple of weeks ago, our first teacher (Biology) has created the first chapter of his book using IBA, and, it looks REALLY good. Like anything new, there are lessons to be learned and skills to be refined – why is that text on the interactive diagram so small? Once he is happy with it and he is happy to show it to colleagues and other staff members; so much better when change happens from within! I think lots of our teachers will want to create their own iBooks.

I showed the iBooks app to our iGuides today (like most apps etc, there is a broad range of experience from amongst the girls, usually a lot less than I expect) and it is so worth covering all the things you imagine they know as inevitably piles of questions pour out and it is often a chance to correct some piece of misinformation or confusion. They got really excited at the thought of what iBooks could contain and we discussed the pros and cons of different media for different times and places; they quickly grasp it.

For myself I am quite enjoying the discussions we have together about the choices that are available to them as a result of having the iPads and seeing how they are feeling good at the prospect of making decisions for themselves and not necessarily having everything prescribed for them. I sense them understanding more and more of the iPad’s flexibility as we jump from function to function in a session. Last week they all wanted to buy themselves Apple TV!

A few points from today:

  • Why would you send movies to iTunes, the first time anyone has asked me that in school. They understood the answer faster than staff would because they all have iPods.
  • Uploading video and photos – definitely not a given at this point in our iPad journey.
  • Introduction to Vimeo and mention of other newer social media platforms.
  • Basic editing in iMovie – with so much movie editing in school it is quite surprising how many girls haven’t yet had a chance to get to grips with this
  • They so ‘got’ Socrative. I might have a roomful of potential teachers, they were so enjoying it!

I think that lots of them are planning on coming to the optional session during exam week, oh yes, and they all want the option to choose a white iPad, for some reason it is very popular.



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