Exciting for all teachers!

I’m re-reading a book written by Will Richardson about web technologies in education. It was published in 2006 so should be positively out of date now but everything he writes is just so true and is more resonant with me now that when I bought the book way back, maybe because I can see it happening now:

“It’s already happening in many areas of our lives, such as politics, journalism, and business. And from an education standpoint, this new Read/Write Web promises to transform much of how we teach and learn as well. For most, however, the significance of these changes is still just starting to be realized. We are no longer limited to being independent readers or consumers of information; as we’ll see, we can be collaborators in the creation of large storehouses of information. In the process, we can learn much about ourselves and our world. In almost every area of life, the Read/Write Web is changing our relationship to technology and rewriting the age old paradigms of how things work.”

(Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Webtools for Classrooms, Will Richardson, Corwin Press, 2006)


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